The Paralympic Winter Games in Vancouver will take place March 12th through the 21st.

A Summer Paralympics was held at Rome in 1960.  Winter Paralympics didn’t start until 1976 at Örnsköldsvik, Sweden.  Since 1976, both a Summer and Winter Paralympics have occurred  about 2 weeks after the regular Summer & Winter Olympics — which gives the host city time to prepare for all the athletes with handicaps/disabilities!

Five sports are on this Winter’s Games program: Alpine Skiing, Cross-Country Skiing, Nordic Skiing, Sledge Hockey, and Wheelchair curling.

Those of you interested in watching some of the competition this year can find it at via the internet.  And, if you’re eager to see some handicapped athletes competing prior to the Paralympics just click the link and watch one of the videos in their archives!

Another site of interest is the official US Paralympic website.  They offer photos and video of recent and past events — also articles and interviews of US athletes.

These sites may open your eyes to new possibilities for yourself or someone you know!  And, who knows, maybe some year you’ll see the gimps competing on TV during the Olympic broadcasts.

Enjoy…  😎

And, please tell me what you think about this kinda stuff!