When I started using a wheelchair there were only two sizes — adult and juvenile.  They were not very durable — partly because of the  materials, but mostly due to design flaws.  I sometimes  had to have my wheelchair replaced yearly — even with frequent minor repairs.  And, in the worst year ever– I had 4 different wheelchairs during a 12-month span because of broken frame components.

A lot of things have changed since my youth:

  • Most sidewalks around here now have curb cuts.
  • There are parking spaces for the handicapped — although they are often used by lazy able-bodied people.
  • Wheelchairs are generally more durable — both manual and those which are battery-powered.
  • Wheelchairs can be built for special purposes — from small for a child to very-wide for the obese.  They can also be made for a specific type of athletic competition such as: basketball; rugby; track; and many other special needs.
  • People with handicaps now have legal rights to an education, employment, housing and many other things which non-handicapped people have — although, you may still have to go to court to get them!

Sometimes I am amazed at all the programs and support available for those with moderate, or even slight, impairments today.  It is a good time to have a disability, I guess!


I do not agree that alcoholics and drug abusers should qualify for coverage by the Americans with Disabilities Act — but, they do!

When I hear about people misusing public programs or funding I become enraged.  I want to lock them in a cell somewhere — 1 week for every $100 they stole from us taxpayers!  Politicians would also have to be careful about how they behaved — they would not be exempt from the penalty!

I’ll end here… before I get my blood pressure into a critical range.

Have a wonderful 4th of July Holiday!  And, remember those who have made our liberties available to us.

God Bless America, please!