Some of you may have wondered what I’ve been doing since my birthday — given that about 3 weeks had passed between postings.

I’ve been testing a new online game from Aeria Games

Caesary is a browser-based game, so there is no software to download and install on your computer. Nothing to purchase or pay. However, as with other Aeria games, you can buy APs – Aeria Points. APs are then used to purchase things within the Item Mall — this will allow you to avoid waiting to find special items needed to Upgrade various components within the game.

I used Google Chrome for game play because it seemed a little faster for this application than Firefox — but you may find Firefox quite adequate.

I got my invitation and began testing Caesary on May 21st — the initial testing period extended until about June 6th,  I believe.  There wasn’t much information about game play, so it was “trial and error” — I was playing at least 8 hours each day.

The overall game is similar to other free online games I’ve played

You build cities, increase population and manage resources.  And, like free online war games you build armies and battle other players.

Caesary gives you an opportunity to play as a member of a League also.  After you’ve joined a League, you can chat with other members and ask for information.  You can also combine in a military action against other troops/cities/Leagues.

The historical time-frame for Caesary is ancient Rome — the terminology used will be familiar to those aware of that Era:

  • Sesterces are the currency within the game;
  • Ballistae and Onagers are heavy weapons — siege engines used against cities;
  • Hastatus, Sagittarius and Principes are terms describing the various types of foot-soldiers;
  • Equites are horse-mounted troops;
  • Speculatore are scouts used to gather information before you launch an attack.

After the initial beta-testing ended, Aeria Games conducted a week-long League Competition — the top Leagues obtained special rewards for all their members.  That was very sweet when those items were added to my inventory — I’ve been taking advantage of my good luck ever since!

The game play and appearance were very nice.  It’s been addicting, even though it took me several days playing until I felt I understood some of it — actually, I’m sure there are many of the higher-level aspects I haven’t a clue about yet!

I’ve played personal computer games since they were first available

I was aware that I’d likely get hooked on Caesary.  I’ve played many free online games during the last 8-10 years, with considerable gaps of time in-between — some browser-based and some not.  I look forward to more in the future!

So, if you like the idea of free games online take a look at Aeria Games. They have a good sized variety of types/genres which should appeal to almost anyone.

And, if you are a veteran pc game player, please feel free to leave a comment about your favorite online games — Is there a particular genre which you prefer or a company you consider as better than the others?

Whether you’ve played computer games online or not, I always look forward to hearing what you have to say.  😎