And, a very Happy Birthday it was…

My sister, Tee, had taken a day of vacation on the 20th so she could visit me without being time-constrained — she had called the day before and asked me what I’d like for lunch.  I told her I’d have to think about it a while.  After we had ended our phone conversation, I went on line to see the menus for several of my nearby restaurants.

I found grilled boneless rainbow trout at Bugaboo Creek — we had both enjoyed Bugaboo’s food in the past.  And, it had been several years since I remember eating rainbow trout.  The trout came with steamed veggies, smashed potatoes, and was available with Lemon Pepper or Cajun seasoning.  I’m a big fan of Cajun music and spicy Cajun food —  I decided on the Cajun!

I had known that Tee would be running around early on the morning of the 20th, and was not available for me to call after I had made-up my mind on the 19th, so I sent her an email with my selection and the restaurant phone number so she could order for takeout whenever she wanted to.  As it turned-out, since we weren’t in a hurry to eat, she decided to visit with me before ordering.

When she arrived at my apartment she was well prepared

Tee had brought a funny Birthday Card, a Birthday Cake with butter creme icing and glazed strawberries, 2 sodas, 2 mylar balloons, a new card table, and a plastic table-cover with Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck on it!  She also had her folding chair — the kind with the over-the-shoulder bag you take to outdoor events and family gatherings.  The weather was ideal for sitting outside in the shade and that is what we did.

I read the card and Tee told me she had bought a 1953 Popeye & Eugene The Jeep comic book for me — but she left it hanging on her bedroom door.  Tee promised to bring it to me next week.  (I’ve bought many t-shirts on eBay during the last 15-20yrs with Eugene on them — other items also.  In fact, I had a Eugene t-shirt on as we partied.  But, very few people I’ve met ever heard of Eugene The Jeep.)

We jabbered until nearly 2pm — by then we were becoming hungry, so Tee decided to order and pick-up our food before they quit serving lunch items.  Since I hadn’t spoken with my daughter, Mimi, for at least a week Tee phoned to see what her plans were.  Fortunately, Mimi had just been finishing-up with a company meeting and had been planning to grab some Arby’s roast beef or something before coming to see me.  So, Tee took another order, phoned Bugaboo’s and left.

Let the Party Begin

When Tee returned with meals for the three of us we got busy chewing — and chatting!  Mimi had ordered a salad with chicken tenders and Tee had gotten a full-rack of ribs.  Enough ribs for everyone to have some — Lola, Mimi’s pit bull, got a taste and the left-overs went into my refrigerator!  Next came the cake… and it was yummmy  Actually, everything had been yummy!  😎

Tee told me she had another surprise for me.  She had bought something she knew I wanted because she saw it on a Wish List I had written.  That kinda surprised me… I didn’t remember making such a list.  Then she said she had seen it on my blog — I still didn’t remember writing a Birthday Gift Wish List.  So, Mimi put her fancy new Android cellphone in browser-mode and started searching through The Handicapper’s Journey trying to locate the list.

Lo and Behold there it was

Within the post dated March 6th and titled Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, I had been mentioning many old cartoons I used to watch on TV — I had even created links to Amazon where some of them could be purchased on DVD.  And, near the end of the posting was: “Now I have some items to start building my Birthday Wish List” — I had no idea that sentence would move anyone to purchase most of what I had mentioned.

Tee had never purchased anything online before.  But, when she tried unsuccessfully on her own she got her husband to help her place an order.  The delivery didn’t arrive when she expected.  So, I’ll have a large collection of Cartoon DVDs and my Popeye & Eugene comic book in a week or so… absolutely amazed I am!

Then it was time to relax — Tee had a blanket in the back of her SUV which she gave to Mimi to stretch-out on the grass and lay with Lola.  I tilted my wheelchair back and did the best I could do to get comfortable.  Tee had her sport-style folding chair.  We laughed and joked ’til about 6pm when Tee said it was time to go home and see her husband.

Mimi stayed maybe an hour longer as I helped get her Yahoo email set to feed into her Android, and loaded some files onto a thumb drive for her to take back home.  Then she and Lola left.

I was very tired…  happily fatigued!

I’m going to start a Wish List for my 64th birthday right now — and I’m gonna put a day like today at the top of the list!