A name that had been in the news frequently during the 1990s appeared today — Manuel Noriega, former dictator of Panama, has reportedly been extradited to France to serve a sentence given to him in absentia by the French courts for money laundering in 1992.

Noriega had been captured in Panama by the U.S. Army during January 1990.  Labeled a ‘Prisoner of War’, Noriega had been serving a sentence in a U.S. prison until 2008 for drug trafficking.  However, instead of being sent back to Panama as he said was appropriate, Noriega continues being held in prison for an additional two years while he fought extradition through the U.S. court system all the way to our Supreme Court.

As strange as it is, I was speaking with a friend about Noriega sometime during the last few months and asking if he remembered what had become of the General… Lo and behold!

You can find the MSNBC article here.