Growing-up soon after the end of World War II, medical science had not reached the point where doctors were recommending abortion except in cases of extreme danger to the mother.  In fact, some States had laws against abortion.

In 1973, the United States Supreme Court ruled on a case (Roe v Wade) which granted abortion rights within a set of circumstances — basically a woman’s right to an abortion is determined by her current trimester of pregnancy.

My feeling is that abortion is now used extensively to undo a laxity in the use of abstinence or birth control pills and other forms of preventing pregnancy — abortion is an after-thought brought about by poor planning!  Which appears to have been a significant reason for the “morning-after pill.”

Abortion is also being used to terminate the life of children viewed as “imperfect” by the mother!  Our modern medical science and our society have come to believe that they are capable of determining the “Value of a Human Life” — even further, they believe that they have a right to abort that life!  Apparently, the fetus has no right to life?  Therein, comes the rub — the debate and conflict continues.

Today I came across an Associated Press news item issued last Monday titled, “Doctor’s license revoked after botched abortion” which demonstrates clearly that abortions are occurring on the “deformed” (click here to read the AP news item) .   In 2006, the doctor was attempting to abort a twin with Down syndrome and a heart-defect — but he aborted the healthy twin instead.  The doctor has since stated that he could not tell a patient “no”… a pathetic comment indeed.

There is no requirement to report legal abortions… so the numbers are not reliable.  But, the most recent numbers indicate more than 800 thousand legal abortions were performed in the US.

The National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) website says that approximately 400 thousand Americans are living with Down syndrome.  NDSS is pursuing a campaign of inclusion… they advocate that individuals with this handicap (my word) are capable of having a life of success and accomplishment!  I’ve known several individuals with Down syndrome who functioned quite well — and, they were well loved by their families.

Life is a challenge.  It always has been and likely always will be!  It requires effort. My parents demonstrated that to me — they worked hard for their children and each other.  I’m grateful they taught me that I could succeed in many areas of my life even though I had physical limitations which prevented me from walking or lifting heavy objects — but, I had to work at it!

So, where is our society headed now?  Illegal drugs and abuse of alcohol or prescription drugs  bring tremendous pain and cost to us all.  The violence that travels with drugs/alcohol is making some communities extremely hazardous.   And, none of us are immune from the effects on the fabric of our Nation.

I strongly believe this — when life becomes cheap and meaningless, yours wont be worth a dime either!