I’ve been interested in nutrition and healthy alternatives to the typical American diet for a very long time.  As a result, I receive quite a few email newsletters from different sources each week.  This morning I received one which I’m going to post an excerpt from below.  The newsletter is called “The Daily Dose” and is written by Dr. William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

The following is what Dr. Douglass had to say:

Hidden hazards of nano-ingredients

But when it comes to nano, just say no-no — because nanotechnology, as it’s called, is wildly unregulated and dangerously untested. In fact, we have no idea at all what this junk might do to humans — yet you’re probably eating it right now.

Welcome to your new life as a supermarket lab rat.

What little we do know is downright frightening: A two-year study on animals at UCLA  found nano-titanium dioxide — the most common nanoparticle — caused DNA and chromosome damage, according to AOL News.

The researchers say this kind of severe damage could lead to cancer, heart disease and brain disease… and yet these nano-particles are turning up in everything from fruit and vegetable coatings to salad dressing to ice cream.

We used to call that food tampering. Instead, the mad scientists behind this sick scheme are considered industry pioneers.

Meanwhile, the FDA is so in the dark on this one that they won’t even admit it’s in your food… even if its own experts say it is. In fact, the AOL News report found that 20 of the world’s top food makers have their own nano-labs or contracts with universities to develop nano-ingredients for them.

And because there’s no requirement to list these particles on nutritional labels, there’s no way of knowing if your food has been nano-tainted… and therefore no way to avoid it.

It’s reaching the point where the only way to be safe is to grow your own — and if you have the time and space, don’t wait — spring is here. Start planting today.

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Many of you may have never heard of nano technology before.  If you’d like to read about the subject, you can click this link to see what Wikipedia says. Or, you can use your favorite search engine.

There seems to be little doubt that nano tech offers some very exciting possibilities for the future.  However, are there adequate procedures in place to protect us from potential dangers of something so radically new?

I, for one, am not convinced…  and, neither are many other concerned citizens of this country and throughout the World!  (Many of our agricultural products are already being refused for importation into other countries.)

And, like the GMO (genetically modified organism/food) items making their way into our stores, our Government (Food and Drug Administration and/or the Department of Agriculture) does not require labeling which could help consumers when buying the things they will eat which contain these questionable substances!  Are we to blindly believe that everything on the shelf is safe for us and our family?

Additionally, the large corporate agri-businesses (seed, chemical, food processor) want to invade the Organic Food category with its GMO and Nano hazards!  What will be safe then?

How ’bout you — are you worried about science causing some irreversible catastrophe?  Or, do you think it can’t happen?