I’ve often wondered about people living in apartments with one or more dogs — especially the larger breeds.  Definitely not a good way for an energetic dog to live its life!  Some apartment complexes limit the size of the dog to less than 25 pounds —  I feel even that is to large!  However, our complex has no such restriction — there are several dogs in the building next door that are at least 50 pounds.

Also, how is it that the owners feel it’s ok to walk their dog and let it use common areas as a bathroom?  As I’ve noticed, many of the dog walkers around here do not carry a plastic bag to pick-up the dog pile that Fido just created.  It’s positively a disgusting behavior — and a violation of the rental contract!

We like to park our wheelchairs in the grass to get a little closer to Nature.

My fantasy sports playing buddy, John, and I try to be good neighbors to all.  We prefer to move our electrically-powered multi-wheeled indoor/outdoor transporters off the sidewalks — so that we don’t impede the walking differently-abled!  😎

Whenever we decide to move into the grass we have to be very alert to the land-mines (dog piles) left behind by our less considerate tenant neighbors.  And, we know that we will not see everything hiding in our path — we know that from past experiences!

I am at the point where I will no longer be silent about this unhealthy activity.  I will get more aggressive with my speaking out to the scofflaws and the apartment management.  Maybe this will be the year of the Gimp Patrol!  No more lazy behavior for shameless dog owners leaving the work to nature — if you want to have a dog in an apartment it is your responsibility to clean-up after it!!

I Will Find You

Inability to climb stairs will not deter me from tracking the miscreant — ultimately I will learn where they reside.   Once committed to an action I can be unrelenting.  And, with John as a trusted ally, we will bring the management to a point of action or consequence!

Have you ever gotten poo from a neighbor’s dog in your treads or tracked it into your apartment/house on the sole of your shoe?  What action did you take after discovering it?  Have you seen people allowing their dog to go to the bathroom without picking-up after them?

Leave a comment… I’d like to hear what you have to say about your opinion/experience.