As I sat outside again, yesterday, I focused on what I could see and hear around me — the sights and sounds of nature!  Despite it being March 20th in the northern portion of Delaware, and our severe Winter storms last month, there was an abundance of activity: the “caw caw” from a crow seeking companionship; the staccato tapping of a woodpecker as it hammered its bill into a tree; several other distinct bird sounds I couldn’t identify species for.

Flying insects also were nearby — how they appear so soon after the warmer weather arrives is an amazement to me. The first one I saw looked to be a winged-ant.  One insect I never saw but I heard loudly as its “buzzz” passed my left ear!

Crawling insects are also on the move .  So much activity — each insect has a short life-span so they have to mate and lay eggs quickly in order for the species to continue.

I love to watch the squirrels!

I’m NOT referring to some crazy neighbors when I use the word “squirrels.”  I’m speaking about the 4-legged animal with the large bushy tail which lives in trees.  😎

Our grass had remained green – even under the snow.  So, if the grass was visible and the rain/snow wasn’t falling I might see a squirrel digging around looking for some nuts it hid several months ago.  But, now with this wonderful weather and warm temperature, many squirrels are chasing each other all over the place.  They run up trees and down again — from tree to tree without coming down!  I become entranced watching their actions.  I can sit for long periods of time admiring the agility and energy of this very industrious little animal.

Soon the maintenance staff will remove all the debris from the storm-damaged bushes and trees laying around on the ground.  The seasonal flowers will be planted and the colors will be uplifting to my spirits.

New life blossoms forth from the darkness of Winter — Spring is such a joyous time for me!

How ’bout you? Tell me what season is your favorite and why?  The comment button is located at the top of this posting… I’d love to hear from you!