I could not resist the opportunity to sit outside in the sunshine this afternoon — in my t-shirt. The temperature was almost 50 degrees and, because the apartment building protected me from the chilly breezes, it was quite pleasant where I positioned my wheelchair.

Additionally, I know that I will physically benefit from the vitamin D produced from my skin’s exposure to the sunlight — I’m also aware of the potential for an improvement in the state-of-mind, attitude, of this Southern-California-Born guy!

As I activated the TILT button on my chair, and lay back with my face feeling the warmth of the sun, my mind drifted away to my youth and early adulthood — I began to recall some of the animated characters I used to enjoy watching on TV:

  • Crusader Rabbit and his sidekick Rags (Ragland T. Tiger) —  the first animated show produced specifically for television.  I only saw the original black & white series from the mid-1950s.  I understand that the later color version was not produced by the same persons;
  • Rocky (a squirrel) & Bullwinkle (a moose), Mr. Peabody (a dog) & Sherman, Boris & Natasha, Dudley Do-right;
  • Quick Draw McGraw (a horse) & Baba Looey (a burro), Super Snooper (a cat) &  Blabber Mouse, Ruff (a cat) & Reddy (a dog);
  • Augie Doggie & Doggie Daddy, Yogi & Boo boo (bears), Snagglepuss (a mountain lion).

And, so many more that I could add… can you tell I’ve watched a lot of cartoons?  Those of you close to my age probably remember most of the characters on the list. But, if you’re younger than 30 you may not know any of them!

A very delightful afternoon…  I am soooo ready for Spring!

I’ll include some links to Amazon below, where you can read about and/or buy some DVDs of the cartoons I’ve mentioned above — Now I have some items to start building my Birthday Wish List:

Rocky and Bullwinkle & friends : Best of Mr. Peabody & ShermanBest of Boris & Natasha

Best of Dudley Do-Right : Yogi Bear Show – Complete Series