During a recent American Idol episode, Randy Jackson (one of the judges) was asked about how he felt toward a particular contestant and whether they should be advanced to the next level — Jackson’s response, that he was “a billion percent” in favor of the contestant, demonstrated his continuation of the upward trend of overemphasis when it comes to valuing someone or something!

Keep in mind I’m not talking about money or wealth — It is possible to acquire more than 100% more of whatever you started with. Whether it is cash, property or goods that you are measuring. However, if you lost 100% of your assets you’d have no assets left!

How truly capable is anyone of giving more than 100%?

I can remember back to my early life when it was inconceivable that anyone could give more than 100% of themselves… 100% was all they had!  There was nothing left over.

However, you could question them as to whether they were giving, or had given, 100% at the time.  Most people will never come close to a 100% effort when doing something, unless it involves a life or death situation — even then it would be questionable without a personal relationship to the outcome!

Perhaps this trend of overemphasis and exaggeration regarding amount of effort began with sports.  That is the first place I remember hearing about someone giving  more than 100%  — “He gave 110% that time!”

Truthfulness is reaching new highs!

References to being certain of the truth have also escalated above 100% — It’s possible to hear people being interviewed during news coverage saying things like, “I’m a 110% sure what I saw!”  Or, “I’m sure I heard him threaten to do it… 150% sure!”  Come on… what kind of nonsense is that!

Politicians, junkies, celebrities and everyday-citizens have fallen into the trap — Where will it end?

Will those of us with saner heads, lacking a need to embellish, be forced to inflate our values of events and actions in order to simply avoid hurting peoples feelings?  Only time can show the result…

However, I do expect Randy Jackson to get to at least 1 Trillion percent before the current season of Idol ends!  😎