I live in Northern Delaware, not far from the point where Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware state borders meet.  Several days ago, the weather reports began mentioning that a possible blizzard was due for the weekend.  Well, its now Friday and the snow in my immediate area began about 6:30pm — During the height of the storm, we are expecting snow falling at the rate of 3″ per hour and winds of 25-35 miles per hour, with gusts exceeding 45 mph possible.  Accumulation here is likely to reach 24″.   And, with the high winds there will be substantial drifting.  That’s what I call a BLIZZARD!

As an example of the seriousness of this particular storm:  the Dover Air Force Base (located near the central part of our state) began yesterday, Thursday,  relocating its 18 C-5 Galaxy aircraft and 13 C-17 Globemaster III transports to bases where weather would not interfere with any necessary deployment — Definitely forward thinking!

Although storms such as this one place everyone at risk, those of us who depend on electrically-powered devices for life-support (suction, breathing) are particularly vulnerable in the event of a power outage.  Additionally, a loss of heating during Winter places those with limited-mobility at greater risk than the general population — how will the severely handicapped transfer from their usual lodging quarters to an accessible alternate?  During moderate weather conditions it is often difficult to change place for just a day —  A major storm might require the assistance of the National Guard to relocate people to safe places.

I certainly hope, and pray, that the electrical flow remains uninterrupted!