We had a very pleasant break in our cold and gloomy weather recently…  My wife had asked me to check on the weather as she was preparing to go to a Doctor’s appointment.  I hadn’t been paying attention to the news or weather and when I saw the temp was 50, I immediately looked through the window coverings and could see the Sun shining brightly!

Needless to say, I informed her the humidity was 74% and the temperature was 50 degrees so she could dress accordingly — which she did after removing her pull-over sweater.

Being the Sun Loving Southern California Guy that I am (my sister’s favorite nickname for me is “lizard man”), I followed my wife when she went outside and I found a Sunny place — Protected from the little breezes that were prowling near our apartment building, wearing only jeans and a t-shirt I managed to grab about 20-30 minutes of Sun (for recharging my psychic-batteries) before it faded…  I’d like more of those opportunities this Winter!  😎