We are experiencing a significant snow storm this weekend.  Our Governor has issued a “State of Emergency” for the 2 northern counties of Delaware so far.  Total snow fall around Newark is predicted to reach 18-24 inches.

Our current weather reminded me of an earlier time — During December 1986 we also had quite a lot of snow.  In those days, the majority of answering machines used a cassette tape for both the outgoing message and to store incoming messages.  I used to enjoy putting humorous outgoing messages on my machine.

I wrote the following poem and read it as my outgoing message in 1986 — I had to buy a special 30-second tape, because the poem was to long for the standard 15-second tape.  Every winter for several years I put the message on my machine — my mother didn’t like it, though, ’cause she lived in Maryland and had to pay long-distance charges listening to the message.

With Winter’s icy grip firmly ’round my throat,
And, lacking a 40 below zero survival-type coat,

I’ve gone to seek solace, ‘neath ‘lectric blanket, down comforter, and sheet;
In pajamas, long-socks, with hot-water bottle replete.

I’ll dream of fishing in a warm summer breeze,
It helps me escape this dreadful hard-freeze.

Now’s your chance.  Leave a message, and make it heart-felt.
I’ll return the favor, when the ice starts to melt!

Stay Warm  😎