I am a fan of Fantasy Baseball.  My neighbor, John G, got me involved in it a few years ago.  He is a big sports fan!  I know he likes baseball, football (he also got me involved with fantasy football), golf and basketball.  I think he’s also an ice hockey fan.

There are 2 things that John and I bet on between us each year: which League will win the All-Star Game (one takes the National League and one takes the American) and which of our two fantasy teams will be ahead at the end of the season!  Our bet on each event is 1 six-pack of ginger ale…..just to keep things interesting  😎

This season I got off to the strongest start I can remember.  I spent most of May drifting between 6th and 8th place (out of 12 teams).  While John was pretty much in the basement.  We try to get together once a week to discuss baseball and how our respective teams are doing.  And, the one thing he’s been saying the most often is “it’s still early” in the season.  I can’t argue with that ’cause until you get to the All-Star Game, which is considered the mid-point of the season, it’s possible for any player to have a considerable swing in their statistics.  And, fantasy sports are based on stats!

My pitchers have been having lousy stats all year!  And, my hitters have had a miserable week or two.  All that has caused my team, Jeep’s Angels (I’ll explain the name in a later posting), to drop into a steady 10th place.

Now, I’m clinging desperately to what John has told me:  “It’s still early in the season!”